About the Project

During a series of earthquakes as strong as 6.9 magnitude striking Lombok, the neighboring island of Bali in Indonesia, thousands of people have fallen ill, lost their families, homes and their belongings.

Within days of the earthquakes a project was initiated recognising that health issues are rife in remote communities.

To build a van that would provide mobile medical aid and healthcare access to remote villages in Lombok.

The discovery now; months after the earthquakes, many families are still struggling to recover.

With the start of the rainy season it is more important now than ever to band together do all we can to assist those in need.  Our aim is to provide immediate medication to those at a higher risk of illness and encourage individuals, families and communities back into the health system.  Our mobile van works to help boost immunity, assist in the aid of nutrients and also provide waterproof clothing, food and water to eliminate additional risk of illness.

We are committed to help lives that are less fortunate.

We are dedicated to provide support in humanity.

We are seeking to eliminate any possible risk of sickness and hoping that support to our cause will help as many communities and families in remote villages in Lombok as possible.

Help us to help others.